Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY – Nest Soapery
Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY
Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY
Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY
Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY
Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY

Soapmaker's Journal - DIGITAL PDF VERSION ONLY

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Download a DIGITAL PDF version of the Soapmaker's Journal for use on your tablet or iPad, or to print and use on paper. This journal is more than a tracker of what you've done, it's actually more of a planner. First, you'll get a recipe page where you can jot down your tried and tested recipes, always to be handy for you when you're making soap. 

Next we have Fragrance and Colorant Notes. This helps you track how fragrances perform - discoloration, acceleration, seizing, ricing, separation, color morphs, etc... This tool on it's own is invaluable to me. I want to be able to look back at previous fragrances and know that I want to restock one and throw the other off of a bridge. 

If you have problems with color mixing, I've included a really neat tool that allows you to play with color palettes before you get started with your soap. I call this portion of the journal the "Color Playground" and it's one of my favorite sections. I like to sit down with some colored pencils, a fragrance oil that I want to use, and try out palettes until one really speaks to me.

If designing your actual soap bar is a problem, I recommend using the soap design tool - this is an easy to fill out worksheet that will help you pick a pouring technique, draw out your design and note all of the colors, fragrances or additives for your next creation. This is helpful to me because I can look back at these pages if I want to remake a design. I can refer back to my notes and make sure to recreate it exactly, or make tweaks if I feel they're necessary. While this tracking might seem like a lot, I tend to feel that having this information written down actually helps me clear mental space for other things.  

The last two sections are the Curing Rack and the Soap Fail Tracker. The Curing Rack pages help you know when your soaps are ready to use and can help you organize your next soap release based on which bars will be available. It also tracks starting inventory and bar weight for each of your batches.

Upon purchase, you will receive a 15 page PDF with these tools.
-Originally formatted dimensions - 6"x9". If you're using this digitally, it shouldn't be a problem, but if you choose to print, you'll want to fit to page. 
- The PDF only has one copy of each tool, but you can select any of these pages individually when printing or importing onto your tablet, and duplicate it as many times as you need for your personal use.



-You are purchasing a license to use these pages for yourself. The original designs are copyrighted and if you reproduce them for sale, you will be subject to copyright infringement. Please do not share this tool with anyone - doing so will also result in copyright infringement. 
-By purchasing this product, you are acknowledging that you have read and agreed to these terms.