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Trusted Suppliers

Wanna know where I get all of my supplies? I've tried a plethora of different suppliers and I'm here to give you the skinny on which ones I trust to get me the goods on time!

Lye - 
I purchase my lye on Amazon in 10 lb cases. This lye works really well, isn't super staticky and dissolves easily into water. 

Coconut Oil - 
You can get coconut oil at many places, but I recommend picking it up locally at Big Lots. You can often find coupons (sign up for their emails!) for 20% off which makes this an EVEN BETTER DEAL! Also, the look on the cashiers face when you purchase 10 tubs of coconut oil at one time is 100% worth it. You can also place orders and pick them up curbside, if that's your style.

Olive Oil, Canola Oil & Grapeseed Oil - 
I purchase all of these oils at local stores (again, it's way cheaper for me to go pick them up in person as opposed to pay for the shipping) 
Olive Oil:
Canola Oil:
Grapeseed Oil:

Shea Butter - 
I have two options for you here... One option is for folks who want to buy in bulk, and the other is for folks who just want to try it out, or order in smaller quantities. 
1-10lb bags: 

Buy in Bulk (this is my go-to):

Colorant Suppliers:
Mad Micas -
Nurture Soap -

Fragrance Suppliers:
Nature's Garden -
Island Escape Fragrance -
Midwest Fragrance Company -
Brambleberry -

I tend to visit my local Central Market (It's a TX thing) for botanicals, but these are also great suppliers - 
Mountain Rose Herbs -
tarwest Botanicals -