Meet Robin – Nest Soapery

Meet Robin

Hello, my lovelies!

Thanks for visiting me here on the interwebs and welcome to my Nest. My name is Robin and I'm hatching soaps all the time. Scroll on through to learn more about me and my small business. 

I'm currently living in the Dallas area with my two hatchlings and sweet Husband. While I've found a place here where my family and I can thrive, my heart still resides somewhere on Long Island, where I spent my formative years. 

After leaving my first nest, I flew south to Georgia and attended art school, where I met my husband. In the following years, we could be spotted all over the country where I trained as a pastry chef, worked for a very famous Mouse, and eventually began our family in the Rocky Mountains. It's been quite the adventure! We've settled (for now) in the Dallas area, where I'm currently in Nursing school and squeezing in soaping sessions once the kids go down for the evening. 

My soaps are formulated to leave your skin feeling clean and fresh! I love choosing scents that I find soothing, comforting or engaging. I like to try and change my scents based on the season so that I can help you bring some more joy into your own nest.

As I design my soaps, I'm also paying close attention to the look of them. As a former Pastry chef, I know that we eat with our eyes. The same goes with soaps! I want to wash with beautiful, handmade soaps (and I suspect you do as well, if you're here!)

Learn more about Cold Process Soaps HERE

Anyhow, please take a gander through the website and let me know what you think! You can contact me on the "Contact Us" page, or you can email me directly at 

BIG thanks to my network that helped me set this all up - Lena, Bobbi and my biggest supporter, Zach. I appreciate you washing your hands and bodies way more times than necessary, just to help me test these products. 

Thank you for your love and support!