Vacation, a sexy lover and a delicious fruity drink. What more could y – Nest Soapery

Vacation, a sexy lover and a delicious fruity drink. What more could you want?

Hello, my lovelies!

This week was so exciting. Here's what I did -
1. Well, I launched a shop (spoiler - You're actually in it RIGHT NOW) and it went well! I was a nervous wreck the day before it launched, convinced that it was going to completely bomb. I was pleasantly surprised!

2. All the classes, exams, tests. Did you know that I am in school right now? Yeah, I'm a grown woman who has had about half a dozen careers and is also preparing to be a nurse. Needless to say, it feels like my brain might explode and soap is the only thing I can use to plug my ears and keep it from escaping my skull. 

3. Shipped out my orders! On Wednesday and Saturday, I was able to sit down and ship out all of the orders that have come out over the week. That was a new experience for me, and I'm glad that I chose to dedicate two nights to it, instead of doing it ad-hoc. 

But you're probably not here to listen to how my week went. Please, you go ahead. Tell me how yours went.



... I'm waiting. 



No? Ok, well I guess I'll just show you the new soaps that are hatching this week! 

No 15 - Lena's Latin Island Lover 

Ok, so imagine this. You're on a tropical vacation with no one (Let's, for the sake of this story, imagine that you are unattached and in the best shape of your life, on this island looking for some excitement and a good time, if you know what I mean...) and one night you smell something that can only be the ever-so-enticing scent of someone who you find completely irresistible. You turn in the direction of the scent, to find out what it's coming from and... BAM it's this soap. You're in love immediately. You're welcome. 

This bar is small and handy - perfect size for hand washing! It's about half the size of our other bars. Let me know if this is a size you like. I know that not everyone goes through soap like there's no tomorrow, and they like these smaller soap bars. I'm happy to make more if this is something you prefer. 

No. 20 - This Senorita Needs A Margarita

Have you ever smelled something and thought "I want to drink this. Can I drink this? Maybe with tequila??" Well, as I was making this soap I was thinking that very thing. Of course, I didn't just dump tequila into the peach scented soap batter and go to town. Instead, I created this very small batch of soap and then promptly ripped off my gloves and started the party, or what I like to refer as "mommy's time"


These two bars will be ready to leave the nest TODAY. So if you need to swipe one, please do so! There are only a handful of No.20, but there are more of No. 15. 

That's it for now - I'll chat with you later!

Be well,

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