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The perfect couple... hanging out on a deck?

Do you remember when you were in high school and there was that one *perfect* couple? (If not, just imagine yourself in the movie Sixteen Candles and follow me for a sec, mkay?)

This pair of soaps is that couple.

First, we have the Beach Babe. This bar smells like sunscreen and flowers. The only way she could be more. Sexy is if she were wearing a red bikini đź‘™ and surfacing from a pool a la Phoebe Cates

Second, the Handlebar Moustache. Either you want to be with him, or you want to be like him (and demonstrate his prowess over facial hair 🧔lol) He smells like Caribbean Teakwood.

Lastly, and CERTAINLY not least importantly, SOAP DECKS ARE AVAILABLE!! OMggggg I'm so excited about these. I partnered with a local woodworker to have these made. His name is Curran and he's the one-man show behind Baker Board Words 

Curran crafted these gorgeous decks and I have a very limited supply of them. If you like 'em, snag one TODAY (5/9) for 20% off for a limited time!


That's all, my lovelies! Chat with you next week xo


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