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The Nest Is Open!

Hello, my sweets. 

The Nest Soapery is open for business and I am NOT freaking out. Are you freaking out?!

This last few weeks has been a whirlwind of soap, labels, legal forms and wine. Lots of wine. But now we are here and I'm finally turning a passion into an income. I had no idea when I started making my soaps that this would become a business. 

I'm launching with a small handful of soaps. Scroll through to check out the deets and learn some stories behind these babies.

No. 6 - The Cheeky Earl
Earl Grey Scented bar. I would suggest you use this as a hand soap, but I'm not going to tell you what to do with your soap. You do you, boo. 

No. 7 - Lena's Iceland
This bar is scented with Vetiver and formulated with Coconut Milk. The scent, if you're unfamiliar with vetiver, is grounding and earthy (read: smells like grass and roots). You might not think so, but it is fresh and delightful. The design is inspired by a trip my lifewife and best friend Lena took to Iceland. It looks like a photo she took on a trip to the beautiful country a few years back.

No. 8 - Canadian Mountie
This one is one of my favorites because the coloring in the bar is solely thanks to the fragrance I used. The scent is that of waffles/pancakes and a little bit of whiskey, which is how I take all of my breakfasts. To give to you a bit more info, the fragrance contains Vanilin, which turns soap brown upon exposure to air. You could, if you were so inclined, cut this bar open and you'd likely see a creamy tan interior. 

No. 9 - Black Metal
This bar gets it's name from its color - Black and Copper. I've been to my fair share of metal shows and I remember (not so) clearly the ritual of peeling off my sweaty, spit soaked clothing and falling into the shower to wash myself clean of the moshpit. If only I smelled as good as this bar when I was done. The scent in this one is Teakwood and Cardamom, which smells to me like a homey, woody fragrance. 

No. 12 - Here's My Handle, Here's my Stout
This soap is made with beer - REAL stout beer. I'm not kidding and the suds are absolutely amazing. If you take a big whiff of this one, it doesn't smell like beer, but you might pick up notes of oatmeal, which I added in for scrubbiness. 

No. 13 - Lavender Dreams
If you like baby powder and lavender, this is the one for you! It reminds me so ferociously of the times when my babies were.... babies. They used to spend time snuggling with me before bedtime, but now I have an 8 year old who wants nothing to do with me (unless he can prolong the inevitable bedtime) and a [nearly] two year old who needs bedtime to be handled like ripping a band-aid off of an owwie.


That's it, my friends! That's the lineup. I'm happy to release these two you guys and I hope that you stop by the shop and pick one or two up. Please leave a comment down below, even if it's just so say HI and let me know you were here. 

Check back often and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions. Find me on Instagram (@nest.soapery) so that you can see so much more of the behind the scenes than what I'm able to post on here. 

Until next week!


  • Michele

    Congrats for opening and welcome to Texas!! These soaps look beautiful! It’s there a pop up or location to smell and see your products in person?

  • Caitlin

    Hey you… I was here. Love the website definitely gonna need to place an order soon. Thanks girl

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