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Patchouli, Cherry and Brown Sugar, Oh My!

Are you a patchouli person? I spent years of of life living in Colorado, seemingly the patchouli capital of the US. I had a love and hate relationship with it. I like it, in small quantities, but in excess it can be overwhelming. Fortunately for me, and for patchouli lovers the world over, it can be blended with other fragrances to create something less overwhelming. 

This week, I'm releasing a soap that features a fragrance just like that! 

No. 28 - Smell Sexy and Don't Get Murdered

If this name sounds familiar, it's probably because it's a riff on the phrase "Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered", which is popular amongst true crime fans that call themselves Murderinos. The color combo and fragrance (Called Bitches Brew by it's manufacturer) made me think about badass women... so here we are. Smelling sexy, like patchouli blended with pine, vanilla and violet. 

This design was *supposed* to be a skinny shimmy, but I didn't use a tall and skinny mold and I think I complicated the design and shimmied it too much.. so instead, I see boobs. Do you see it? Or is it just me? #lactationconsultantintraining

Next up, my lovelies, is a soap inspired by childhood and requested by my child!

No. 29 - Cherry Paper Pulp

This bar is a partially rebatched confetti bar. I'm gonna level with you. The first incarnation of this soap was hideous. ABSOULTELY HIDEOUS. So I grated it up and rebatched it, leaving some of the soap shreds in tact, giving it this cool paper pulp look. 

The scent on this one is called "Cherry Bomb" and let me tell you... my kitchen smelled JUST like Dr Pepper for several days after I made it. My older kiddo loves this scent. 

Lastly, we have a brown sugar salt bar.

No. 31 - Sugar Daddy
I'm a long time admirer of salt bars. If you make soap, you know that these can be finicky! They harden so quickly and can become too hard to cut in the blink of an eye. Most soap makers make these in cavity molds, so that they don't have to run the risk of the bars hardening too much to be cut, but I like to live on the wild side (and I really dislike cavity molds) so I made mine in a loaf. I was able to find the sweet spot when the bar was solid, but not rock hard. 
Salt bars have something of a cult following. "Whyyy?" you ask? Well, salt bars are created by adding massive amounts of salt to a soap batter. This absolutely obliterates the soap's ability to make bubbles. To counteract that, salt bars have a very high percentage of Coconut Oil in them, giving them a luscious lather. These bars in particular are a tiny bit scrubby as well. The salt does lovely things to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. Once people try this kind of bar, they have a hard time going back to others!
All that being said, I really want to try making them again. This batch turned out well, and smells like waffle cereal... but the bars are smaller than I intended. Next batch will be much more beefy!
That's it, my lovelies! These are the three bars that are being released today and I am so excited for them!! Please leave me a comment below if you have any questions and I'll be happy to answer!
Be well!

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