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Let's go to the beach, shall we?

When I think about a warm breezy day on a beach, I always think about coconuts, sunscreen and a delicious adult beverage in my hand. After a year like 2020, this is EXACTLY what I need. 

This week, we're getting to know some of my very favorite beachesque scents. Coconut & Lime, Citrus Agave and a Eucalyptus Spearmint bar that resembles the deep ocean. 

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about the water. I grew up on Long Island and was about 15 minutes away from West Meadow Beach on the north shore. It was a far cry from your typical beach, but it had water and sand, so that worked for me most days. We would drive out there after dinner and sit on the sand, digging for tiny seashells and listening to the waves lapping the shore. It was one of our small joys and I miss it dearly. 

But when we were REALLY serious about going to the beach, we would always visit Smith's Point, which was a LEGIT beach. Sand dunes, 10ft waves and beach grass that sways in the warm summer winds. It was a sandy heaven. The only issue was that the sand got everrrryyyywhere.... but that's just part and parcel with a beach trip. 

In celebration of my desperate need to revisit my beach memories, we have three bars coming your way this week!

No. 17 - Thalassaphobia
Eucalyptus Spearmint bar that looks like the deep deep ocean - a think that thoroughly terrifies me. Behind the scenes: This bar was supposed to be a galaxy bar, but the way that I poured it revealed swirls and designs that are so much more water-like, so PIVOT. 

No. 18 - But Where's The Rum?!
Inspired by a certain infamous fantastical Pirate Captain, this bar features the scents of Coconut and Lime Verbena, which make me want to take a swig of rum. Anyone else?

No. 21 - Sugar on The Rim 
This bar smells sweet and citrusy... just the way I want a drink to smell on Friday afternoon after a LONG week. I want it SO sweet that I can't taste whatever hard liquor the bartender decided to pour in there. 

I loooove these bars and I'm saving a couple of each of them for myself to enjoy as summer sets upon us. If you're interesting in picking some up for your family, please head on over to the shop and toss a few into your cart!

From my Nest to yours, 

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