Let's Go FLY A KITE – Nest Soapery



It's been a long year. We've been quarantined, locked down, snowed in and - let's be honest - GOING BONKERS STUCK IN OUR HOMES.

But the snow has melted (mostly) and the sun is out. Temps are warming up and I'm ready to get outside and enjoy the lakes around my home. This week's soaps are sort of themed that way!

No. 25 - Shady Beach
This one smells like the beach to me - coconut and bamboo. Very fresh and green. I also really love the way this bar looks. I made it using only natural colorants, which have mellowed out over time, but still offer an interesting look. 

No. 26 - Want S'More?
This LEGIT smells like smores. Scented with chocolate fudge, toasted marshmallow and brown sugar fragrances. It was inspired by a young gal I know who loves sweet, desserty scents. She is a Girl Scout and I'm pretty sure that this bar brings her right back to camping with her troupe!

No. 27 - Wired To The Moon
I LOVE THIS BAR. Ok, I'm gonna be real - I love just about any bar with coffee grounds in it. I love the scrubby feeling and the subtle coffee scent. BUT - This bar is somethin' else. It's made with Chocolate Stout beer that I reduced down to concentrate. The beer in this bar makes is sudsy and rich in lather, while the coffee scrubs. I'm dying. And this bar is giving me life lol.

And that's if folks!! If you want to pick one of these up, make sure to use code "EARTHDAY21" to buy two bars and get the third for FREEEEEEEEEEEeeee.

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