House Rules – Nest Soapery

House Rules

Hello, hatchlings!

Welcome to my Nest. As I would give an introduction to any guest who visits my home, I figured I'd give you the lowdown on how I plan on running this shop. Read on if you're interested in how to get the most out of the Nest Soapery!

1. New Soaps Released Each Sunday

Every Sunday, I'll be releasing soaps on the website.  Along with the release, I'll be posting on Instagram (be sure to follow me there if you want to see beautiful behind the scenes photography and if you're interested in connecting in a 1:1 manner) to let you know which soaps have come available. 

These releases will likely be very limited, so if you want to get one of the soaps, please make sure to hop on and make your purchase asap! They're sold on a first-come first-served basis and Shopify (our shop engine) does not have a cart save function, so if you haven't clicked "Buy," the bars are not yours. 

2. Blog Posts Weekly on Sunday

On the same day as the soap release, you can also access the newest blog post. 

"But what will be on the blog post, Robin??" you ask. 
Details about how the soap was made, or the story behind the design/fragrance choice will be discussed on the post. Additionally, any suggestions for use will be available here. 

I also plan on being candid and real on these posts. News flash: I'm a real person, with a busy life and sometimes things go wrong/right. I want to share that with you, so please join me in this journey!

3. Follow me on Instagram

@nest.soapery is my account - or you can click the link on the footer of this page to go straight to my account. I highly encourage you to follow me there. Daily posts are featured that show the most gorgeous progress shots - things that may not be appropriate to put on the store, because they're not representations of a finished product... but DANG are they pretty. 

I also post personal things on my stories, so if you want to get to know me as a person, that's another way you can do so!

4. Newsletter to come... maybe?

Lots of businesses like to send out newsletters, as email is the preferred communication method for many folks. I'd love to do this once I'm a bit more established, but I also want to get your input on this. So...

Please comment down below a "yay" or "nay" if you're interested in a weekly newsletter. I think that if I were to do this, newsletters would include recipes, tips and tricks. 


That's it. 

For now. 

Go forth and wash your hands, hatchlings. 

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  • Melora Campbell

    Such an appealing website, and I look forward to seeing more of your soaps! I just started my soap shop too(also on Shopify — Tanglebrook Soapery), and some friends have signed up for the newsletter, but I’m not sure whether to do one! I see your soaps on Instagram and they are gorgeous!

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